Day 4 and 5 in Beijing and Guangzhou

On Saturday we did another tour with Holt families – this time going to Tiananmen Square and The Forbidden City.  Lilly was our tour guide again, doing a great job relaying some of the vast history to us.  It was really interesting to visit Tiananmen Square in particular…knowing some of the revolution-like scenes that have been played out in that very spot.  Both Tiananmen Square and The Forbidden City were really crowded…  and it was a fairly warm day in Beijing.  And as time went on, I think both the crowds and the heat started to get to us.  I’m certainly glad we went, but honestly we were all feeling pretty drained by the time this tour was done (about 4 hours).  After the tour, we again went to lunch together.  It’s been nice on this trip to connect with these other adoptive families in Beijing.

After lunch, most of the other families were going to a silk factory…  however our family as well as one another were taken separately to get our children.  For those of you who don’t know, Anne has been in Beijing for several months now… she was born in Guangdong province, in Lianjiang City.  But she came to the Peace House in Beijing to prepare for her cleft lip surgery (which she received), and to recover from that.  We feel so fortunate that Anne was moved to Peace House…it’s a wonderful place!

Although we didn’t spend too long of a time there, it was a very special time on Saturday at Peace House.  Jenny may write more later about this experience, so will save the details for now…  but suffice to say we took many pictures and will cherish the memories of picking her up.

Since we are mostly on our own for dinner, it hasn’t been that simple to find places where we can read and /or order in English…  so for Anne’s first dinner we headed to, of all places, KFC!  (I think I saw more KFC’s in Beijing than I’ve seen in all of NJ).

On Sunday morning we boarded a van at 7:00AM and headed for the airport… to catch an 11:00AM flight to Guangzhou.  In China, you officially complete the adoption from the capital of the province where your child is from.  And since Guangzhou is indeed the capital of Guangdong, that’s where are now.  🙂  Today ended up being a travel day mostly…     Air China treated us pretty well – a nice lunch on the plane, two sodas (Cokes again!)…. not too shabby!

Tomorrow (Monday) we go to the Civil Affairs office to officially complete the adoption.  Right now we are Anne’s guardians, as we actually were permitted to take her on the flight with us from Beijing (they gave us a power of attorney doc).  But tomorrow we officially and legally become her parents.  And she our daughter.  Another memory I’m sure.

By the way, I think Jen is planning a post or two on Anne…and our experiences so far with her… but suffice to say we are very in love with this girl!  Thank you for praying – please continue to pray for our attitudes and patience for each other (all of us!).

Good night!

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  1. Paul Diana Anselmo says:

    Dear Jen & Dave,
    Thank you for posting all the photos of your trip to China. We are very happy for the new addition to your family. Anne is going to be blessed being part of your wonderful family. Praying for a good trip back home.
    God Bless,

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