From Rutgers to Guangzhou!

It is almost bedtime here on Friday night, but we wanted to share about our very special night last night.  A special connection that our family has to China is from all the international students from China that we’ve come to know over the last few years that study at Rutgers.  My parents are the ones that are really involved in the IFAR ministry.  They’ve come to know and care about many students as they pick them up from the airport, take them to Walmart, enjoy fun times with them, and share the Bible with them.  Dave and I also are blessed to know students who encouraged us when we said we would be flying here to adopt a little girl from Guangzhou.  One particular grad student has really connected with my parents.  When he found out we would be coming to his province, he really wanted his family to meet us. So, last night his dad drove 4 1/2 hours to Guangzhou to take us out to dinner.  He is still working on his English, so he brought his assistant from work to translate for us.  We were overwhelmed by his kindness.  We couldn’t believe that he would drive so far to see us.  He took us out for a true Chinese seafood dinner.  He ordered plate after plate of food and we tried lots of new dishes.  This father loves his son and wanted to express his thanks to the Americans who have cared for him.  We really enjoyed meeting him and his assistant Sandy.  He loved seeing our kids and little Anne, but she wasn’t too happy when he wanted to hold her.  We were so glad that we were able to make the connection.

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Today (Friday), was a more of a quiet day.  Anne had woken up at 4:30 in the morning, so she took an early nap.  We all swam in the pool in the afternoon.  Surprisingly, even Anne seemed to like the pool.  We tried a Mexican restaurant that was one of our recommended places for dinner.  The food tasted good, but we were  a little leary because we were the ONLY ones in the restaurant until the very end. ha! ha!  We had to take a cab back to the hotel afterwards and that was comedic.  I think it took us 1/2 hour to get one to stop for us.  We finished off the night by watching the original Karate Kid together when Anne went to sleep.  Speaking of cabs, the driving in China is crazy.  There are tons of cars and they don’t seem to follow a lot of rules.  But, none of the drivers seem to be impatient or angry.  We never see any accidents! This is an experience!  We are all going to bed now. Thank you for all your encouragement from the United States.  We know we are not alone here in China!  Your hearts are with us and the Lord is with us.

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3 comments on “From Rutgers to Guangzhou!
  1. Donald & Cynthia Wong says:

    We praise God for His faithfulness in your lives as you journey to China to receive His blessing for your family. May your hearts see the deep richness of His wonderful grace as you trust and walk with Him daily. God is near and ever faithful, clinging to His promises. As a church family , we too lift you before the throne of sufficent grace. Much love, the Wongs

    • Linda Baker says:

      Oh Palumbos,
      I am so enjoying the journey and daily updates and pictures. Thank you for keeping us involved. I love seeing your beautiful Anne as well as the pics. of the P.s I already know. I agree with someone who noted the light in Anne’s eyes. Without doubt you will be a blessing to her, and she to you. Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. Much Love, Linda B.

  2. Eliza Sansone says:

    What a special connection. You really felt a father’s love for his child, and the appreciation for taking care of him. That’s why he came so far to see you- to thank you for taking care of his son. Very special!

    It has been really nice to share this journey with you! Thank you!

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