Day 2 in Beijing – Part 2

Right now it’s Thursday November 6th, about 8:26PM in Beijing.  It’s been a long day.  But a really really good one…  The best part about today was meeting Anne.  We’ll see, but I think it may be one of the highlights of the trip.  🙂

But we also did some other things today…  It was our first breakfast at the Novotel Peace Hotel here in Beijing… and we were all happy to find some good stuff!  Waffles, croissants, eggs…even bacon!  I mean it’s no Perkins, but hey I for one was pleasantly surprised.  Breakfast definitely set the good tone for the rest of the day.  🙂  After breakfast we met our guide for the day, Angela, in the parking lot of our hotel.  She arranged a driver for us, and we climbed into a 14 passenger van and made our way to the Peace House.  After a great time there, we headed for lunch…

It was really cool to eat lunch at Big Bowl–an authentic Chinese restaurant.  Aside from 3 guys behind us who were smoking the whole meal, it was a great experience all the way around (and the smoke wasn’t that big of a deal).  Angela took our temperature with regard to what we like, how much spice we could handle, etc…  and proceeded to order a good number of dishes.  Some sort of chicken with peanuts, this spicy beef, another non-spicy beef with amazing flavor, fried rice, white rice, some type of pork again with great flavor… The food kept coming…each dish one at a time.  Jenny and I had some Jasmine tea which was great…  We also shared some Coke and Sprite with the meal, which for some reason seemed to taste better here in China than in the US (though I imagine that’s not actually true, probably more that I was just happy to have some soda with my meal!!).

After lunch we went to Temple of Heaven…   Beautiful park-like grounds, old buildings, cool architecture, and many locals just enjoying a clear November day made this a great way to spend time outside in Beijing.  It was especially fun to see many older people just enjoying themselves playing cards, dancing, etc.  We even saw one older lady jamming on a Pearl 5 piece drum set…  pretty cool!  🙂

After Temple of Heaven we went to Carrefour which apparently is like a Walmart that is huge in Europe and Asia.  We picked up some formula for Anne (caretakers told us exactly what she eats), some more bottled water, and then headed back to our hotel…  Tonight we just took it easy…   it was actually a pretty tiring day, so we were happy to stay in the hotel room with a simple meal and some TV.  🙂

Here are a few pics of the day…

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Day 2 in Beijing – Peace House

Good evening or is it good morning?  Well, it really is almost 5:00 pm here and it has been a full day!  We all woke up a few times during the middle of the night, but then finally agreed at about 6 that we could really get up.  After a shower and then a great American/Chinese buffet breakfast, I was feeling a little more normal.  My friends Michele and Alison recommended a guide to take us to the Peace House today.  Her name is Angela and she was definitely a blessing to have with us.

It took us about 45 minutes to get to the Peace House and even when the driver dropped us we had to struggle in a maze of huge apartment buildings to find the Peace House.  We spent just over an hour while there, but we are so happy that we had that time. There are 8 babies that live there and about 7 ladies that either work or volunteer to care for them.  There is a big play room with lots of toys, a room with the cribs, a kitchen, and a bathroom with a tub.  All the nannies were so kind to us in that they kept telling Anne that I was her mama.  We brought out some toys we brought and tried to play with her.  I think all of us felt nervous at first, especially me.  She never cried, but was very tentative.  Laura and I had bought a toy phone this past weekend and that toy she really liked.  She even wanted to keep it.

The ladies showed me what they feed her and how to make her bottle.  They wanted me to practice feeding her with the cleft bottle that they use.  She sucked down the bottle and the few times I tried to give her a break, she kicked her foot and started to cry.  She wanted that food!  We asked the ladies some more questions and took lots of pictures.  What a blessing!  It was a blessing that we got to see Anne play and be with her caretakers in China.  It was  blessing that she saw us and maybe will feel a little familiar with us when we get her on Saturday.  It is even more of a blessing that we get to be her family.  Praying for God’s grace on how to care for and love her with wisdom.

P.S. We learned that her nickname is Shun Shun. 🙂

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T Minus 5


And counting…

It’s hard to believe that we travel to China in only five days.  That this 19 month adoption process is pretty much complete!  Yes, we’ll finally get to meet Anne in just one week!

As we think about what it will be like to be in China, we are definitely excited!  Of course since neither Jenny nor I have been to China (I personally haven’t even been outside the US except for my honeymoon!), there is some nervousness too.  Without question, there is a certain amount of uncertainty in all of this…  And so it’s easy to wonder about certain things.  Questions like…

Will we be able to navigate our way / get around in China?

Will David and Laura be okay there (yes, we are taking them!)?

Will we get sick?

Will Anne have a hard time adjusting to her new family?

At this point, the answers to these are unknown.  But I am so thankful we serve a God who can be trusted with the unknown.  So instead of dwelling on the unknown and worrying, I am choosing to trust the One who knows everything—down to the number of hairs on our head [Luke 12:7] (though in my case that may not say too much!!).

As we get ready to travel and while we’re in China, we plan on updating both this blog as well as our Facebook page.  We are so very thankful to all of you for helping to make this happen.  Quite literally, we would not have been able to do this without the love, support, and generosity we’ve received.  We look forward to sharing our journey with you!

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