Visiting Shamian Island – Thursday

Yesterday (Thursday) we had a free day, so we went to Shamian Island.  This is a small island about 15 minutes from our hotel by taxi.  As this was a territory given to France and the UK, it has a number of Western shops and buildings.  There are a few restaurants there too, along with a nice park right next to the water.

We ate lunch at a place called Lucy’s, I had myself a nice cheeseburger!  We enjoyed checking out the Chinese merchandise for sale in the shops, and watching the locals enjoy the day outside.

One funny experience was on the way in the taxi…  I showed the driver the address (written in Chinese)…and he started driving.  But about 30 seconds after hitting the meter, he looked at me and asked me a question…. of course I had absolutely no idea what he was asking, since he didn’t speak any English.  I just had a dumb look on my face…and then he asked again.  And then I said (shoulders shrugged), “I have no idea”… And he just started laughing..  And then I laughed.  I think we both realized we had no way of knowing what the other was really saying, and we both found that funny!

In the afternoon I ended up doing some work for my job.. which actually made me feel better to be able to do that (I think the thought of hundreds of unread e-mails was getting too overwhelming).  David and Laura also put a nice chunk of time into their work… it was an enjoyable and a productive day!

We are enjoying our time in China for sure, but we are also anxious to get back to the US.  Everyone has been very nice here, but we are starting to miss the comforts of home.  We are spoiled at home, but also it can be difficult to just be away from everything that is familiar….  Tonight the other Holt families that we met at the beginning of our trip (in Beijing) will be here…  It will be nice to reconnect with them.

A few pictures of yesterday’s visit to Shamian Island…


P1000940 P1000946 P1000948 P1000964

P1000982 P1000989 P1000990 P1000993


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2 comments on “Visiting Shamian Island – Thursday
  1. Leah says:

    i love that you have an Ergo for carrying around Anne! So sweet 🙂

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