Wednesday Morning Update

Good morning from Guangzhou!  Today I had a little taste of normalcy.  I woke up before everyone else and read my Bible and drank some coffee.  All that was missing was oatmeal and a run with Gabby.  🙂  Yesterday, was our official adoption day.  Anne is now Anne Elizabeth Ru Shun Palumbo!  We met our guide from Holt at 9:30 in the morning and then headed to the Civil Affairs office.  We had two short interviews and a family picture.  The notary asked us if we still wanted to adopt Lian Ru Shun and if we would ever abandon her.  Yes, we want her and already love her!

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There was a little mix up of paperwork with the other family from our agency. Our names were on their daughter’s forms!  Our guide went in and checked all the forms over. All is well.  After the adoption, we went to a local foodstore to get any more supplies we needed.  Then, we had some pb & j for lunch in our room and the kids did some homework.  We tried a Chinese restaurant recommended by Holt for dinner.  Thankfully, they had a picture menu and we also got some help from a group of other Americans on what to order.  We finished the day of watching a movie together after Anne went to sleep.

Today, we are free this morning. We are heading down really late for breakfast and we will meet together in the afternoon to apply for Anne’s passport.  This is our last set of Chinese paperwork, then we work on making Anne an American citizen!  This morning, I was reminded in Matthew 6 (verses 34 and 35) to “not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself.  Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.”  Amen!  We will trust God for today.  Have a blessed day today.


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3 comments on “Wednesday Morning Update
  1. Rick says:

    Anne Elizabeth Ru Shun Palumbo! I like the sound (and look) of that. We are praising God that everything is going so well! We will keep praying.

  2. Kathy Glickman says:

    So happy for your family. Anne is so precious.

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